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Disney Art Academy is a game where you do art. Well review done, thanks everyone for…wait I’m only 16 words in. Disney Art Academy is spin-off from the original game made by Headstrong Games, and published by Nintendo, called, well, Art Academy. It was quite a big hit, releasing in 2010 for the DS and later on for the 3DS and WiiU. Since then, they’ve made a couple sequels as well as a spin-off game for Pokemon, Pokemon Art Academy, which I myself very much enjoyed. I think I’ve used the history lesson joke too much but, I apologize again since, this isn’t school. Or maybe it is. I truly don’t know. This game was released 5/13/2016, just thought I’d get that out there before getting into the game itself, so like, right now!

I’d love to go into insane details, but truthfully there isn’t an insane amount of details to go into really. I’ll start off with saying, the game is created for anyone looking to learn how to draw their favorite Disney characters, and also Pixar characters. There are well over 80 characters that you can draw, ranging from Toy Story to Frozen. I shouldn’t probably say ranging from those two, I’m giving an example. There are older characters as well such as Donald Duck, Pooh, etc. I’m trying to actually learn how to draw, basically anything pretty soon and this should help me out. Like I said previously, I very much enjoyed the Pokemon version of Art Academy and this one is easily right up there with it. There is also a new addition into this game that wasn’t in the other Art Academy games, a Magic Brush, of sorts. With the Magic Brush you can add things like stars, clouds and, of course glitter. What’s great artwork without glitter? Lousy, that’s what it is. (Sorry for those without glitter in their artwork, but it’s probably true.)

There are tons of lessons for you do that give you step-by-step progressions of the art of Disney and actually Pixar’s animating, which is pretty darn cool, if you ask me. Like I mentioned earlier, once you think you’ve aced those, or not, and you want to just go see what you can do, there is a Free Paint mode and it’s exactly how it sounds. There you can select, like I said, well over 80 characters that you can draw. I should also mention, if it wasn’t obvious or I didn’t make it obvious, you can choose a character and attempt to paint it like that. Of course, you can, I mean if you wanted to, paint whatever the heck you felt like painting. There really aren’t any rules there I assume. Rules were meant to be broken anyways, I guess. (You shouldn’t take life lessons from me, don’t break rules. Not, the best idea. In this game’s case though, I, presume it’d be OK.)

Once you got a nice piece and you’re ready to share with the world, you can do so by sharing it directly to the Miiverse, or even on social media through the 3DS’ Image Share tool. All artwork that is saved goes to the SD card on your system as well, which you can also upload them to your computer and print them out if you’d like. Hang ’em up all around your house, make a big map with them, I don’t know, the possibilities are endless there! There are countless fridges without Disney Art Academy drawings on them and that shouldn’t be the case. (The game came out 3 days ago Clayton, of course they aren’t on fridges yet….)

For anyone looking to start drawing, or just want to have some fun with it, either way you actually do learn some good techniques. The Pixar animation guides are my favorite really. Even though that’s not what I’m considering wanting to do, I’m more an art person myself (non-moving art, I should clarify it as), it was really interesting to see how it goes down. Same goes for the Disney art lessons. If you do get the game, of course I’m going to suggest doing all of the lessons before, in no offense to said person, but “haphazardly” going into Free Paint may NOT be the best choice. If you want to, by all means don’t listen to me and break the rules. Wait, I’m not setting rules. How can I set rules to a game that I didn’t create nor distributing or am I even giving the game to someone…..what on earth am I thinking!? I don’t really know. Why I talk to myself, so much I really don’t know either. All I know is the game is great for everyone. Ages, to be honest, 6-106 really. Have your grandparents do some drawings, your siblings, your parents, etc. I enjoyed the game a lot, there really isn’t anything that would make you look the other way with this game either, it has a ton of appeal (Not a banana joke, I promise).

Disclosure: We received a copy of this game for review purposes. All opinions are our own.




Music/Sound Effects




Replay Value





  • It's fun drawing things!
  • The Magic Brush is a must-have, I cannot express how much glitter I've used on drawings, or anything for that matter.
  • The lessons are really, REALLY awesome!


  • I got glitter stuck in my eyes. Don't ask how this is possible, just roll with it!
  • Nothing whatsoever!

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