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Being a console gamer most of my life, I never really considered titles on the computer side. I always sprinkled in computer games here or there, but I never truly had it on daily plan compared to game systems. Goliath reminds me of one of those games that can easily change my mind on that. Goliath was created by Whalebox Studio, was published by Octopus Tree, and was released on the 12th of May, this year, for the PC, Mac and Linux. It is also an action/adventure game with RPG feels and crafting abilities thrown in there for good use. I don’t usually mention where companies are located but in this case, I think it’s pretty cool to see that Whalebox Studio is located in Russia, and was formed in Siberia in 2012. I thought that was a neat tidbit right there. I don’t even use the word tidbit. I also just realized, I didn’t even say how INCREDIBLY AMAZING the title screen is! Insane is another word I could use, as I’ve never really seen a, massive shark dude and a huge bull duking it out against a tag-team of goliaths. After I spent 20 minutes, amused by the shear awesomeness of the title screen the entire time, nevertheless, I actually had to play the game at SOME POINT!

Before getting into the review, here’s a quick trailer that you may enjoy!

On to the review!


“Don’t trust someone you’ve just met. After all, this is a scary place.” It’s a fitting quote, one that easily sticks throughout the entirety of the game. The starting sequence of the game, you’re shown that your plane has gone on a crash course smack dab in the middle of an odd place. Your plane ends up being split into multiple pieces, and you’re quite lucky to have made it. You’ll notice the character you play as Gromov has a huge mechanical arm. You can also see that’s stated in the previous picture as well, but I like stating the obvious. Even though some may look at the overall menu as kind of plain and/or dull, I like it a lot. It’s simple, easy to understand, not so dang complex that I don’t have a clue what’s going on nor do I know who am I, or what I’m doing. You’re gonna wanna set up a camp ASAP, and that’s exactly what I did.


From the tent that was just placed by using the number 1 key, you’ll notice there are things you can craft. Crafting is, well, just like in anything else, collect said items to mash together to gain a new item. Most of the items from the get go that you can craft are extremely helpful to say the least. The retrieval of items is that of a, and I hate saying the exact same things but it’s very much like Terraria. Wait, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned Terraria before. For those who don’t know that game at all, think of like a 2D Minecraft and a little more in-depth. You hold down the E key once you get close to resource and it’s gone instantly, or like trees take a tiny bit of time for them to wear down so you can gather wood to turn into coal, and obviously many other things. Not too long down the road, you get a new uh, “home,” of sorts and are tasked to build a Goliath Construct, which is used for, well, constructing, goliaths.


You start off by constructing a wood goliath, which actually looks really cool despite it sounding quite of boring. These goliaths are EXTREMELY agile, much more than you’d think and are a force to be reckoned with. At any point in the game you want to switch to one of your 3 goliaths that you have “equipped,” or back to Gromov, you can do so by simply holding T and hovering your mouse over which one you’d like. Sorry Gromov, but using a big robot is a bit more um, what’s the word…..SWEET! I honestly haven’t switched to Gromov in 2 years, and the game has only been out for less than a week! Don’t ask how I can manipulate time like this. The gameplay, this may sound “repetitive,” but it mostly is you collecting things, crating things, making goliaths, etc… There is a story of course, you couldn’t have a game without somewhat of a story. That’d be boring as boring can be, which is boring. That sentence was boring too if you ask me.

I also have to mention that I love the music. It reminds me of a Fallout and Borderlands with it’s apocalyptic country sounds enlisted everywhere in it’s gameplay and menus. The visuals are fantastic, especially for the angle the game is perceived in. At first, I actually did struggle with the view. You get used to it just like anything else, but it’s a neat view point nonetheless, one that was a curious choice in my opinion. I love the detail. It’s not over-the-top, but the game knows how to look and the developers knew how to make the game look and fit the style, and they did so very well at that. It’s so much fun running around with your goliath and smashing bushes, running into trees and then crushing some enemies along the way.


Ever since I was a young boy, which, I think most can easily understand, I enjoyed big robot things at one point of my life. With that being said, it hasn’t changed for me whatsoever, and I still enjoy them to this day. Why that is? I really don’t honestly know. Maybe I enjoy watching the mechanics, how it operates or how it functions? I cannot explain why I enjoy them so much. If I could I would, but I know I enjoy them and simply put, they’re appealing to a fairly large demographic. Goliath is a very, not so different on paper, but different once you play it, game also. That’s hard to describe, and I half don’t know what I’m trying to describe either. It looks simple on the outside, and it may even be simple to you on the inside, but it’s somehow more than simple. It’s an awesome game, no doubts about that! If you like big metal (or in previous cases, wooden) robots fighting strange creatures and monsters alike, than this is, well I mean that’s basically what this game was created for!

Disclosure: We received a copy of this game for review purposes. All opinions are our own.




Music/Sound Effects




Replay Value





  • Large robots doing things. Is there anything else you need in life? I'll answer my own question: No.
  • I very much enjoy the graphics and sounds of the game
  • The gameplay is wonderful too


  • I would assume that, over time it COULD get repetitive but for the time being, I don't really even see that happening to anyone, including myself
  • Nothing else that major

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