Review: “Sofia The First: The Secret Library” DVD


Sofia the First is in its third season on Disney Junior, and Disney has released several DVDs for the popular kids show. The most release is Sofia the First: The Secret Library. The DVD includes four episodes from the newest season of the show, and like the previous DVD releases, it features a couple of special guests. This time around, it’s Merida from Brave and Olaf from Frozen.

The DVD includes the following four adventures:

  • Princess Adventure Club
  • The Secret Library
  • The Princess Ballet
  • The Secret Library: Olaf And The Tale Of Miss Nettle

We’ll take a closer look at each of the episodes beginning with the “Princess Adventure Club.” A new princess named Zoey has joined Royal Prep, and her transition doesn’t go very smoothly as she has trouble making new friends. Sofia introduces Zoey to her friends, but she gets off to a rough start with Amber. To help her get comfortable, Sofia suggests that Zoey should start a a club, and she does: The Princess Adventure Club. Sofia is the first member of the club, but Amber is not allowed to join and now Sofia must work to get everyone to come together.

The second episode of the DVD is called “The Secret Library” and is the title that features Merida from Brave. Sophia’s Aunt Tilly leads her to discover a secret waterway beneath the castle which leads to a secret library. Sofia becomes the story keeper, and in doing so, she completes the unfinished books and helps them reach their happy ending. This is where Merida comes into the story, and I won’t spoil the exact details, but the environments in this episode are worth mentioning as they are really beautifully detailed.

Sofia’s friend Princess Kari takes center stage in the third episode called “The Princess Ballet.” She’s generally excellent at everything she tries, but when Royal Prep plans an Art Day in which the students put on a performance for their parents, things don’t go as well as they usually do for her. Like so many of the episodes with Sofia the First, this one has a message for the little ones that watch. This one teaches kids about perseverance and never giving up.

Last, but not least, is the episode is called “The Secret Library: Olaf And The Tale Of Miss Nettle.” Sofia is regularly helped by other princesses, but as far as I can recall, this is the first episode where she gets some unexpected help in the form of Olaf from Frozen. Olaf is the person (or in this case snowman) that appears to help her because Miss Nettle has placed a spell on Sofia’s amulet. Along with the spell interfering with her ability to summon a princess for help, she also cannot talk to animals. This episode is interesting as Miss Nettle begins as an antagonist, but Sofia soon discovers that there is much more to the story, and she ends up helping her get a happy ending.

As far as bonus content, like other Disney Junior DVDs, there are not really extras on the DVD itself. Rather, they come with a physical bonus item inside the case. Sofia the First is no exception to this and comes with a Sofia necklace. It’s a rather nice looking item that you can see on the outside DVD cover when you are shopping (it’s not visible on the sample DVD cover above). Overall, it’s a nice DVD, and with the special appearances from Merida and Olaf, it has a few extra favorite Disney characters to enjoy!

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