Teen Game Review: “Grand Kingdom” Playstation Vita

Before getting into the review, I thought it be best to show you a trailer of the game first!

Grand Kingdom is a tactical role playing game, which means it’s a role playing game, with, tactical, things in it I guess. I don’t really know. Great way to start a review: I don’t really know. Seriously this time though, Grand Kingdom like I said, is a tactical RPG with a turn-based gameplay, per se. I’ll get into the gameplay shortly of course, but as of right now, Grand Kingdom will be out on June 28th in the US and will release in Europe, well, today actually. Unfortunately, the June 21st release date for the US had to be pushed backed a bit due to an unforeseen mishap. But I will happily say, one week, isn’t that much time whatsoever, ESPECIALLY when we’re talking about this game!


To start things off, gotta go gameplay. Tactical RPG with turn-based gameplay, like I said before, it’s quite enjoyable and action packed almost nonstop really. It’s pretty easy to learn too. Of course, they start you off with a tutorial and a few lessons along the way, past the tutorial area also, which helps a ton. Unfortunately, I’m insanely impatient and I actually had to learn multiple things the hard way: Not knowing what I was doing and guessing if XYZ was the correct way of doing it. With that being said, again, it’s pretty easy to learn. You could honestly pick it up in a matter of minutes, simplicity is the best way to go sometimes. Even though it’s simplistic as well, you can do MANY things that aren’t, well, simplistic. Once you get all the bells and whistles down (I don’t know why you have to get all those items down, they’re on top shelf and they’re pretty hard to reach to be honest [This is sarcasm to the extreme by the way, they aren’t on the top shelf]) you can start creating your team!


Oops, I didn’t even discuss how the gameplay is. Got a bit ahead of myself there. Anyways, you have one of each class to start off the game, so you get the basics with each one. The classes are a melee unit, a magic unit, a ranged unit and a specialist unit. Each one is quite important in the battlefield and I highly suggest, as I usually HIGHLY SUGGEST, to have each one if possible. You’d rather be safe than sorry. Melee are usually your tanks, they stay up in the front of the fight, close-quarters combat. Your magic units are your wildcards, they can do ranged damage and they’re personally my favorite class, as you don’t have to get too close to enemies to hit them, or too far. Ranged units, you have to usually be far away from enemies to hit them, which is GOOD and BAD, at the same time. Your specialist is, to which you choose, in most cases, they’ll be a medic, which can surprisingly put out a good deal of damage when they aren’t needed for healing. Although, there is a class called the Dragon Mage, which, she has a dragon, so I mean like, that’s pretty good too. All in all, there are 17 different classes to choose from, which you can customize with a TON of different hair styles, faces, voices and of course, their names. It would be cool, but wouldn’t be AS COOL if you couldn’t name them. You have a ton of space for hiring different “mercenaries” a I would uh, not highly suggest, just normally suggest this time, to get only a few, at least for the time being, which that time being is the start of the game. You don’t really need that many and down the road, you’re gonna have a bad time if all your classes are level 10 and you wanna use someone else and they’re level 1. Not the end of the world or anything, just not that fun of a world when you do that. I ALMOST MISSED THIS TOO, BUT you can set the way your troops are situated before going out into a quest. It’s actually a big help depending on your units especially, since you could place like 3 melee units RIGHT at the front of the battle, so they don’t have to run far, and a ranged class WAY in the back, so they can basically just camp back and place some hits on enemies sprinkled throughout said fight.

Here’s a trailer for some of those said classes RIGHT HERE!

The storyline goes like this: The Uldein Empire fell 100 years ago, and since then, wars are not fought with knights, but with mercenaries. I had to use the line from the game because I really liked it:

Some fight to put food on their table…

Others fight for bounteous wealth…

They plunge headlong into the jaws of death.

Not for any nation, but for the glint of gold.

Mercenaries who live in an age of war.

Let their story be told.

It’s very fitting for the story and the entire game. These mercenaries fight, or in your case, complete quests, for any one of the Four Great Nations of Resonail, which are the Landerth, the Valkyr, the Fiel and the Magion nations. All of them, just like they would if it was real life, have different ways of doing things and have different strengths compared to the previous. There are also people who claim to be “descended” from the old fallen empire of Uldein, they’re called the Uld. They have a reputation of being a bunch of thieves and they conduct MANY, MANY illegal digging operations across the land. So, there’s that. Now where you setup your base of operations, and where a lot of others do, is in a neutral zone called The Guild. The Guild is run by a man named Godfrey, and they embrace the mercenary way of thinking, and living, throughout wherever they have claimed. The Guild is recognized to be a neutral zone because the Four Nations realize, they need some mercenaries too and they all like, “Well I mean we can win ’em over compared to those cowardly bums that call themselves the Fiel!” (I mean no harm to anyone living in Fiel, this is just an example. I believe you all are quite a brilliant nation and with all respect, I must say you’re pretty dang awesome [I covered up that well {I MEAN I totally meant it, OF COURSE!}]) [I need to “talk to myself” by “talking to myself,” not “talking to myself” out loud]{True}]


Well, I think that about summarized it well. The gameplay as previously stated, simplistic but entirely enjoyable. I have not been bored of it yet and honestly, don’t see myself getting bored that soon either. I hadn’t mentioned the music, and although the sound effects and music are both VERY GOOD, there really isn’t an abundance of either, at least to myself. Most of the voices I believe are pretty good, especially for having both English and Japanese translations, which is pretty nice really. I, oh, there it comes again, I HIGHLY suggest the game per usual. It’s a very enjoyable experience. There’s a good amount of humor thrown in, but not to the point where you’re like, “This ain’t even funny anymore.” The customization for the classes is really nice. My only complaint there is you cannot change if the class is a female or male. That’s not really a BAD thing since there’s a mix of both male and female classes, just something that would’ve been a nice touch to me. Having a game, I think I’ve said it before, but games that can change the pace up for you are ALWAYS great to have, ALWAYS. I play a bunch of FPS games, and sports games, relaxing a little bit from those and mapping out how to attack. Strategically thinking about what should my next be, concerning if XYZ will be beneficial or not. Even though I say all this, I’m so aggressive that it’s probably nothing different for myself, but I know for a lot of people that is not the case. The game also, I should say without confusing people, isn’t to the point that you have to spend 10 minutes per battle, legitimately thinking about EVERY SINGLE STEP YOU TAKE. I mean, if you WANT to do that, I cannot stop you, and you should take some thought into what you’re doing, of course. It’s much more helpful if you do that, and much more a fun experience. Hopefully you enjoy Grand Kingdom as much as I do!

Disclosure: We received a copy of this game for review purposes. All opinions are our own.




Music/Sound Effects




Replay Value





  • The gameplay is EXTREMELY enjoyable and unique in it's own way!
  • I don't see how you could genuinely get tired or bored of this game
  • Even though there isn't a lot of it (to me), the music and sound effects are WONDERFULLY well done!
  • Making a bunch of classes, and shaping them to be like your own or maybe even your favorite characters from a show (like I did for myself), is AWESOME!


  • Not as much music or sound effects as I hoped!
  • Same for the customization options BUT
  • It's not really that much of a concern nor does it hinder gameplay to any extent whatsoever.

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