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They don’t really have much, but they have each other. They need each other more than they could ever realize. This start got really deep, and I didn’t even mean it to, but that’s seriously the tone of KARAKARA, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. KARAKARA was developed by calme and was released on Steam on June 27th, 2016. The publisher was Sekai Project, to which you’ve probably heard of them in the past or, the present, future, no you didn’t hear them in the future. Wait, I’m typing this before you read it, so that is the…OKAY MY BRAIN HURTS NOW AND I’M SORRY! Sekai Project does a wonderful job of translating many games, including two that I previously reviewed in CLANNAD and CLANNAD Side Stories. If you find yourself enjoying this one, or you seem to enjoy visual novels, OR you seem to enjoy Sekai Project‘s work, you should definitely check those out. OF COURSE, AFTER you check this out. It’s what you’re here for: ME! Wait what, well I mean, TECHNI…..I needa chillax. After whatever that was, let’s get to it then!


We find ourself in a very desolate uh, world. Leon explains that the world before, on this “continent,” wasn’t like this whatsoever, however they have very little knowledge of what happened in the past, and why their world is like this now. It’s deemed the “Age of Dusk,” and it’s as grim as you could possibly think. It’s nothingness, truly nothingness spread out for miles and miles. The human species has turned into this really confusing mishmash of strange, everything, and this species I’m talking about is called the “Others.” Thankfully, our main character has at least grown up here and understands how it is. That man would be Leon! He works in a diner that was previously run by his parents and now he “co-runs” in a way, the diner with his best friend and roommate, Lucia Haynes, a blue haired girl who has known him for 4 years now. Lucia came to ask if she could work there right when it first opened, and they’ve known each other ever since. You could say she knows MORE about the diner than Leon does now even. I heard a ton of people say that Lucia, and the other characters, and really the OVERALL tone of the game was really cute. Coming into it, I was expecting it to be, fairly cute. Words cannot describe how actually cute it is, they can’t. It’s actually crazy. It, legitimately just about hurts how cute it is, if that makes any sense. The other person you meet almost right off the bat is an officer named Cullen Lancaster. She’s quite a pain, as Leon would say, but she’s really good friends with them both and comes to the diner every so often. They all get along quite well in their own ways. Well, three people, I mean there aren’t many different ways. That’s a triangle. (Good to know. I didn’t known a 3-sided object was a TRIANGLE) On to the next read-thingy.


Early on, (Literally, EARLY on, before the game truly begins) you come across a girl laying atop a suitcase, sleeping on the side of the road. Of course, seeing this, Leon and Lucia both head over to check out what’s going on. They find out her name is Aisia, and she used to live in a place called Japlondo. The story goes that she came to this continent to find a place to work. She manages to reach the port in Sagami Francisco, which is known as one of the bigger areas in the world it seems (give or take 2000 Others). Aisia has no idea where she’s going, and she has been wandering around aimlessly. She said that she fell asleep on the the side of the road because it was nice and warm, which, in this world, I could easily see that. So Aisia is looking for a job, OH, and she also has no where to stay…..quite the cucumber. Wait, quite the pickle. Sorry, I get my vegetables messed up. Remember kids, eat your vege…FOCUS Clayton, FOCUS. Thankfully, Leon, in spite of Lucia being a BIT upset in his decision, let’s Aisia work AND stay with them in their diner. It only gets better from here on out as they all bring something different to the metaphorical table of friendship. Where I am coming up with these sayings is beyond me, but I’m on fire and this flame cannot be extinguished. With that being said…..the art style is brilliant, truly brilliant. Everyone moves in their own way and it just adds to a wonderful, and again, cute experience. I’ve never looked at hair before and thought it would taste well. That sounds really disturbing and I apologize, but seriously, it’s drawn so nicely, it looks like cotton candy. It looks. Like. Cotton. Candy. I think I was hungry writing this, come to think of it, I haven’t eaten all day. Enough about me. Well, hold on me, let me finish. The only hair that I genuinely thought looked edible was that of Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time. I’m, pretty sure you can literally eat her hair though. I doubt you could eat Lucia or Aisia’s hair, nor would it be the best choice. WHAT I’M TRYING TO SPIT OUT, (it’s not hair) everything looks amazing in such a desolate world, and it’s almost refreshing. Okay, I must have been thirsty when I was writing this as well. Seriousnessness, ness, it’s extremely well done to say the least. I surely didn’t say the “least” in any of this, but hopefully I got my point across. The artwork is a masterpiece in it’s own and that’s not even discussing the music portion of the game. *does_one_of_those_nifty_transitions*


Oh my goodness, I didn’t expect to talk about music right after I mentioned it. That’s pretty impressive for the words to do that on their own. Words. All on their own. Nothing more. So anyways, the music. The first couple of different sounds you get are honestly what I would describe as a country-western type, but with a certain flair that I cannot describe whatsoever. Now I shouldn’t claim the ENTIRE soundtrack as country-western or anything, because it’s not. Most of the “country-western” (I swear I’m not getting paid more if I use this word a certain amount of times) music is inside the diner, which, I personally enjoy the most just because of how different it is. For instance, the title screen music, it’s great. What a way with words I have, “it’s great.” It’s sometimes hard to describe things, and the music in this game is one I’m having trouble with, because it’s a mixture of so many different sounds that I don’t know how I could possibly come up with something. I gotta give it to the game, it’s even more impressive that I can’t even begin describing it. When it’s sad or a moment where you should be like, “Alright, watch what’s bout to go down. Be prepared,” you know it. You can feel it. You see it, of course, but you also feel it. I’m not gonna say a lot of games AREN’T like this, but this one does it almost perfectly. The best way to summarize it, that I can personally come up with, is “groovy.”

Overall wise, I loved it. My only complaint, and I see it for others also, it was one of my complaints for CLANNAD Side Stories as well, it’s shorter than most people would like. Honestly, for the content you get, it’s as simple as a “complaint.” It’s not something I could sit here and say “OM Gosh you guyz, don’t get this game because it’s only like 3-5 hours or whatever. Kthx.” Not even close to…..what did I just type out? With the Steam Summer Sale going on, this game is only 8 dollars. At glancing, you may think, “8 dollars for 3-5 hours of entertainment….kind of a rip-off.” I’ve seen people say this (not calling them out, everyone has opinions and I’m happy with that), but it’s not at all the case. If it was, say, 20 bucks, I could see it. I really could then. But think of that, you could go out to eat at some fast-food restaurant real quick for lunch, that’s 8 dollars, or you could spend it on this game. I know what my choice is. Yours should be the same too. Anyone wanna come to Taco Bell with me? WAIT NO! I NEED TO STOP TALKING ABOUT FOOD! THIS IS MY FINAL SENTENCE: The game is amazing, all-around well balanced, there isn’t a sore spot other than it being “short,” but it’s worth the money easily.

Disclosure: We received a copy of this game for review purposes. All opinions are our own.




Music/Sound Effects




Replay Value





  • It's too cute to handle. You have been warned.
  • The artwork is something to find yourself looking at it and wishing it were real. It feels real anyways.
  • The music is magical, simple as that.


  • It's a little too short for some.

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