Teen Game Review: “LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Xbox One


FINALLY! Yet ANOTHER LEGO Star Wars game! Traveller’s Tales never ceases to amaze! Ever since Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I kid you not, I’ve been looking forward to the day this next installment was released. I still cannot believe it’s finally here! It feels like yesterday the movie came out…..goodness, time goes fast. I remember playing the first original LEGO Star Wars games still. I have some of the fondest memories from those games, and all of the LEGO games have been enjoyable in their own way. My personal favorites were and are still the LEGO Star Wars ones. Not to knock on the other LEGO games, just, it’s Star Wars and I have a difficult time not automatically putting that first, honestly. So without further a do, LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

Now I know what you’re ALL thinking: “Clayton, you’re crazy! You couldn’t possibly sell these cars at THAT price!”, and I’d respond with “I don’t sell cars.” There was no example here whatsoever, I just got bored. LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens takes place exactly where you think it would, in Episode 7. Now actually though, as you can tell from the first few screenshots, you actually START OFF at the end of Episode 6, which confused me at first actually. I want to make a quick note, the voices in the game are wonderful to hear. They’re literally just about spot on from the movie! I’m still not used to hearing voices in LEGO games because before, there were just mumbles and such. It’s pretty darn cool to say the least. But, anyways, back to what I was saying. After you finish what is more so the “practice” and/or “teaching” level, you get to The Force Awakens, which is what, well, the game’s name and obviously, the main game itself. That’s what you paid to see and I promise, it lives up to expectations!


The gameplay mechanics are pure genius this time around. All of the little things are great, like the GTA style switching between characters and same goes for the taking cover and shooting. That comes up every so often, and it just looks SO good! It adds SO many cool new things, and that’s just two that I mentioned. When you build stuff, you can choose which to build it. For instance, in the first level you play (this isn’t spoilers by the way), you can get a minikit (A minikit, for any of you who haven’t played LEGO games before, are things to collect [there are 10 in each level, at least usually] on every level. They’re mostly hidden and sometimes IMPOSSIBLE to get until you get a certain character and playback the mission. If you collect all of them, you’ll be able to show off, say, an X-Wing or Y-Wing.) If you build to the right, you can get to the minikit. If you build to the left, you go on with the level as if nothing happened. With that being said, you can destroy it at anytime, so you can maneuver it in any way you want it to go. The little touches in this game are truly sweet, and these movable mechanics are all around. When you pull or grab on things, you have to pull the opposite direction, as if YOU were literally there and you had to pull on it! It’s a lot more in-depth than I could’ve imagined, and that makes it a million times more awesome! Everything is awesome, you could even say. I didn’t even MENTION everything new! There is, A LOT of new stuff that I couldn’t begin to entirely say.

The sounds in this game, please, they’re beyond explanation. It’s Star Wars. Okay? It’s. Star. Wars. IT FEELS like you’re playing a Star Wars game, AND a LEGO game, AND a LEGO Star Wars game. All of the noises, the special effects, the music queues, all of it, it’s incredible. It brings back so many great memories from a time when I truly ONLY played these games. Even now as an adult erm, young adult, I’m still extremely childish, but not the point here, point being is that I can still enjoy it. Had I never played those games in the past, I would still enjoy this game, I guarantee it. It’s a game that you can play when you’re 7, it’s simplistic enough for that age, or you can be 67 and have just as much fun with it. My dad and I played the older LEGO games on so many occasions that I cannot even count them. He helped me many times figure out how to get to certain areas, break certain blocks, etc… It was just another reason I loved playing these games. The experiences you get with these games are unexplainable. I cannot tell you how awesome it is unless you’ve experienced it first hand like I have. It’s truly a work of art. I’m not exaggerating either because I like art, mostly with trees and some birds and….I didn’t realize I was turning this into “Art Hour with Clayton.” I’ll mention really quickly, the music, is beyond my expectations. They go off to a galaxy far, far away and they never return.


I want to sit here and talk about this game for about a week straight, I really do. The only reason I cannot is because, if I did, you’d know everything. I’ve made this point in the past and I should just shut up about it, but it’s entirely true. What also is entirely true is this game is simple. How could such a simple game be so enjoyable? I mean, I’m talking about LEGO Star Wars here, I know but, I always look at Minecraft. Minecraft, I enjoyed it. A LOT of other people enjoyed it. It was so simple that, it makes NO SENSE how so many people could’ve enjoyed it. Not hating on the game whatsoever, I loved it and I will always love it, same goes for LEGO games and Lego Star Wars especially. I think people enjoy it BECAUSE it is so simple. You don’t have to concern yourself learning new controls, you can pick up LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as you can any other LEGO game, and play it as good as anyone else. Of course, if you play it longer you probably are “better,” but the gap there is so slim that you couldn’t see it with a microscope. It doesn’t matter how old you are. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t the best at games. My mom doesn’t play any games, and I bet she would have a blast playing LEGO Star Wars. I’d bet money on it happily, because I would win that bet every day of the week. It doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t matter what experience you have, I don’t believe it even TRULY matters if you’re a huge Star Wars fan or not, I really don’t. I played LEGO Batman before, of course, and I barely knew anything about Batman then. I enjoyed it A LOT, it doesn’t mean you can’t. Obviously for myself, you geek out probably a little more when so-n-so says “blahblahblah” or something, just it’s not hugely important.

All of the details, all of the new additions, all of the wonderful graphics, EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS GAME IS WONDERFUL, PERIOD! I cannot stress it enough. Here’s how I’ll finish this: I don’t know where you’re from, I don’t know who you are, give this game a shot. I don’t regularly play with LEGOs in real life, I really don’t. I haven’t for many years. I have a hard time enjoying games these days some times, I really do. It doesn’t matter. This game MAKES, I really do mean it when I say MAKES, you happy. I can’t explain it. It’s, over-the-top humor. It’s silly antics. It’s childish. I wouldn’t want it any other way, because at the end of the day, that’s the game I want to play, forever and always.

Disclosure: We received a copy of this game for review purposes. All opinions are our own.




Music/Sound Effects




Replay Value





  • Star. Wars. I know I say this like, EVERY TIME, but it's a pro OKAY!? JUST DEAL WITH IT PEOPLE! (Sorry I yelled there)
  • The music and sound effects are outstanding!
  • My favorite visuals BY FAR in any LEGO game! It feels like I'm there, in a world of LEGOs!
  • All of the additional features are just, almost TOO awesome!


  • There is none that I could possibly think of. I actually glitched early on but literally, it's something that you couldn't repeat if you tried. That's the only con I have: A glitch that you cannot repeat.

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