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Openings are not my best, but I shall start with saying that I enjoy playing a variety of games. Dogos, the game I am talking about today, was created by opqam and released for the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Steam just last week. First glances are, I wouldn’t say everything, but first glances are always a good thing. It lets you know what you’re getting yourself into. At first glance of this game for me, it takes me back to my childhood, WAY WAY back. I wish I could remember the game I recall playing, but the vertically scrolling shoot ’em up type genre has always been in my roots. I’ve always actually liked that genre, even though I’ve gone away from it for quite a while now. Well, at least I’m back to it. Dogos isn’t like a normal vertical scrolling, gosh dang that’s a mouth full and a half, it isn’t the standard by any means.

You’re Desmond Phoenix (holy cow that’s a sick name), and the world has been taken over for quite a long time now, at least 50 years. Those dang Zeetnuks are the major culprit. It’s time to teach them a listen: Rocket style. *insert_terminator_theme* shoot now I’m hype. Like really hype. Sorry about that folks, didn’t mean to get you all hyped up like so dang much there. I want to say quickly, for those of you expecting some world class, Steins;Gate level story or something: That’s not the case. For myself, I honestly don’t flippin care. I wanna shoot things. With my ship. Like a bunch yo, and that’s exactly what I enjoy about the game.


With a game such as this, it’s usually heavily relied on gameplay and pure enjoyment, not so much about graphics or anything else. The graphics in this game, however, they’re extremely appealing in an indescribable way. That is a comment of the utmost gratitude, I assure you. The graphics are outstanding, and they bring you into the world of the future, it seems that way at least (I don’t know whether I want the future to be like this or not yet. I’ll get back to you on that). I realize at this point, games are difficult for me NOT to enjoy them, this is no exception here either. I outright enjoy Dogos very much so. The customization options are, I think I’ve clarified how much I LOVE customization in the past, but just to be safe, I LOVE CUSTOMIZING THINGS! The more options the better for me, doesn’t matter what it is, doesn’t matter what it does, it could do nothing at all and be purely for eye candy; I would love it still. Anyways, customizing your weapons and such is always a nice plus in any game. Obviously in 2016 you’d, have to have something to that extent, just it’s still nice for me to see. Erm, anyone else as well, not just me. After that major rambling, although there aren’t a mad amount of customizing, I still love it. It’s awesome man, it’s awesome!

Like I was saying with the game not being a normal game (that sounds really, really mean in a way…..), it’s a combination of 3D graphics and this, still, side scrolling game? It’s rough to explain, but watching the trailer will help some:

I really enjoy the way it handles. I could understand for some that it might be a bother, could even make you nauseous. Hopefully that’s not the case for anyone out there, sorry if it is. Got off track a bit, I do that well, don’t I? (I really want to make a joke about a freaking poll, like, I don’t even know if people joke about that kind of thing or not, but just wanted to, since it’s obviously not live and nobody would’ve been able to poll this by the time the review is over. Or can you? I don’t know. Now my head hurts) A lot of the features in the game, most of the ones I mentioned here, are some that I never really truly played before, and it was a nice experience to play those said features. It’s not every day you see a (no, I don’t get paid more for saying this phrase. Come to think of it……wait, I don’t get paid at all! What the heck……why am I even writing!? I’M FREE! HAHAHAH! *remembers_logic* Oh right. Sorry people. I wish you didn’t have to see me in this light, my TRUE nature! Man I’m dramatic….) vertically scrolling shoot ’em game, obviously with the extension of the 3D capabilities. I feel like they did an excellent job with that, especially that. It made the game unique in it’s own way, and I applaud opqam for that. I didn’t really talk much about the music or sound effects, but for myself, oddly enough, I didn’t insanely enjoy or hate the sound that much. It didn’t really have a big effect on the game to me that much, which isn’t bad nor good. I put my thumb sideways-up for that.

I usually leave any complaints or disappointments I have at the end of the review. If you don’t want to hear me whine for like 2 sentences, than I will say that this game was well worth my time and that I enjoyed it thoroughly. Ya gotta give credit where credit is due, I don’t have a 401k wait……I need to stop this like for real. Great game, highly recommend it. My complaints, I think there’s only one one worth pointing out actually: It doesn’t seem like you can have more than one save. For a game like this, it isn’t 100% necessary, I mean it truly isn’t. I made the comment about the story earlier, the same thing goes here. It’s not a 300+ hour Pokemon game that you can experience differently each time if you take 2 steps forward or two steps back. Well, I mean even with Pokemon you don’t need more than a save, never mind, you get the point, I think. I also wish that there was some from of multiplayer, but I digress, the same thing I said within the past 30 words. Could there be some improvements? Absolutely. Could they have done things better? For sure. Could they have had a better story? No doubt. At the end of the day, does it entirely matter? A fat 100% no. It’s a lovely game and it has lovely flairs everywhere. Anyone who enjoys the said genre (see, I stopped myself), or anything else like it, will for sure enjoy it.

Disclosure: We received a copy of this game for review purposes. All opinions are our own.





Music/Sound Effects




Replay Value





  • Great graphics, other than gameplay it's the best quality.
  • Shooting at things is fun.
  • Customization is key.


  • I didn't particularly love or hate the sounds.
  • Lack of story may be a con to some. Put it here for those people. Doesn't bother me one bit.
  • Wish there was some form of multiplayer.

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