Teen Game Review: “The Witness” Xbox One


For anyone who reads my reviews, I tend to rely on a lot of the same words. I almost started this entirely based on the ideas of “first glances” again, which literally was my entire reaction to the last review I had done. Nevertheless, The Witness is no difference. You know, you’re just waking up early in the morning, made your coffee, sit down to read your newspaper erm, computer, and you come across a game called The Witness. “Dang is this a murder/mystery?” “This sounds kinda dark.” “Hey, this isn’t coffee.” Stuff like that would be said. In an entire 180 flip, Tony Hawk style, the game is rated E for Everyone and can very well be enjoyed by the tiniest of heroes to those who have triumphed before. I also want to say who created AND published the game – Thekia Inc. They did a marvelous job, if I do say so myself. Don’t want to spoil anything, you’ve gotta get reading pal.


Flashbacks of Minecraft come to my head when you first start out. You’re alone, absolutely stranded on a crazy, wacko island with a bunch of stuff that will test all of the mind power you’ve got. To make matters worse, however, you don’t have a single clue who you are, or why you’re here, or what even happened to you. Throughout the gameplay, your main goal is to figure out why such a path has been set forth in front of you with no recollection as to why you were in this position in the first place. I make it sound like a cheesy, 80’s movie or something. To clarify, obviously it is no cheesy 80’s movie. I mentioned Minecraft previously, it gives that sort of touch from that graphics wise, I would say at least. It’s a very appealing assortment, I have no complaints whatsoever and would highly regard them as well. It gives off a childlike feel, and I particularly love that. It’s always great to feel like a kid again, even when you’re a kid and you don’t realize that yet. Gosh dang I’m getting deep. *grumbles* *cough* Back to where I was. Gameplay wise, I don’t mean to be painfully rude here or anything, but you just solve a lot of things. I’m not even trying to be a jerk about it, that’s what it is. I’m displaying this as if it’s a bad thing. They do it in a way I couldn’t have perceived previously, and I outright enjoy it for reasons such as that. The puzzleistic (ain’t a word) atmosphere reminds me somewhat of Portal, which honestly most puzzle based games this day and age remind me of Portal. It’s kind of the standard nowadays. Trust me when I say, this isn’t a 50-piece puzzle you picked up at the convenience store, no, this is a 50-piece puzzle you picked up at the convenience store and it decided it didn’t want to be a 50-piece puzzle anymore and it made itself 100 pieces, and then 200 pieces, and then 300 pieces, AND THEN I think you get the image.


I was never very fond of puzzles myself. I found that I was always getting easily agitated just at the thought of such things, honestly. Even to this day I’m kind of like that. If something doesn’t work the first time, I get furious. I have found my own way of dealing with that (no duh, I wouldn’t be writing a review of a game like this if I hadn’t) thankfully and can enjoy it for how fun it is. Using your head is always a good thing anyways. At least, don’t physically USE your head, I don’t want you to run into your screen or something with it. That’s downright preposterous (look who brought out the dictionary *points thumbs to self*). Certain charms can only be found in games like The Witness. I couldn’t go and play a Star Wars game and expect to try to solve puzzles and such, that isn’t how this works. Music wise, I think we’re at that point now, yes? Music and sound effect wise: Perfect for it’s setting. Music resonates with me a lot, and I don’t imagine I’ll be able to describe it well in the future either, but you get a sense of direction from the music alone. It’s really fitting for a single-player, adventure, alone on an island type game, it REALLY is. I don’t think I could say it any better than that. It’s not what I was expecting, and I was very pleased to find it a lot more meaningful than I would’ve said previously.


I think, for anyone who is curious to getting the game (well gee, I wonder why THAT IS! *facepalm*), I think you have to be one who is willing to open up their mind and to be willing to do many puzzles. I can understand for some (wow I haven’t said THAT LINE BEFORE! *facepalm*) that it sounds not enjoyable at all. Quite frankly, you COULD throw me in that category as well. I never found games like, well, I mentioned Portal, you wouldn’t have ever seen me play that because I never really did. Puzzle-esque games aren’t really my thing, I’ll be 100% honest with that. You’re assuming a “However” at this point, but I’m going to try to describe it better than that, HOWEVER, sorry now I’m playing with your feelings here it seems. If you’re confused by my stance on this game: Please don’t be. It’s worth it. Entirely. Period. The amount of entertaining, mind-games per se is an already appealing aspect for most, and I would go on to say that I could see some just wanting to experience as a whole. I do not joke when I say that the music and sounds, and the graphics all shape it into a wonderful game, an absolutely wonderful game that anyone could enjoy. I implore “that anyone could enjoy” many times, I realize this. There are few titles that deserve it as much as The Witness. It is no understatement in saying that I would put this in my top 7 this year. That might be like, “Well dang, you probably have only played like 10 games this year!”, which, I mean in a normal year, probably. I haven’t gotten to the upcoming sports games yet, and I have played somewhere of upwards 50 different games this year, at least 50. If you wanna do the math, go ahead. I’ll save you the time and already tell you that I am saying that The Witness has been more enjoyable and better than 85% or so of the games I have played this year. If that doesn’t give you enough clarification on the magnitude that I feel this game deserves, than I shall state once more: It has made, someone like me, who didn’t even remotely enjoy a genre like puzzles, or anything else like this, to absolutely say that it’s amazing. I didn’t say it previously, it’s amazing. I don’t think I need to say anything else. My work here is done. Time to go fix my coffee.

Disclosure: We received a copy of this game for review purposes. All opinions are our own.




Music/Sound Effects




Replay Value





  • Every. Thing.
  • The music is outstanding to every degree fathomable.
  • The gameplay enticed me, ME, someone who doesn't like even like puzzles.
  • Sense of adventure heightens ones mind.


  • AB
  • SO
  • LUTE
  • LY

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