Review: “Elena And The Secret Of Avalor” DVD

We’ve written several articles about the fantastic Elena of Avalor series on Disney Channel. In early episodes, there were many hints and suggestions about what had happened with Elena, but in November of last year, Disney Channel aired a movie that detailed Elena’s origin story. This background information is important to fans of both Sofia the First, a television series geared toward younger children, and Elena of Avalor, which seems to target a slightly older age group. I would say that both series’ are appropriate for any ages, but Elena is a little older in her series, and it seems to have slightly more involved stories and concepts.

The movie is a little over an hour and details Elena’s escape from the Amulet of Avalor which had been given to Elena on her fifteenth birthday. It was a present given to her by her mother, Queen Lucia of Avalor. An evil sorceress named Shuriki invaded Avalor and killed both of Elena’s parents. A Royal Wizard named Alacazar worked to save Elena’s little sister, Princess Isabel, and grandparents and Elena confronted Shuriki. When Shuriki attempted to destroy Elena, she was saved by the magical Amulet, but was imprisoned inside of it for many years. This is where Princess Sofia of Enchancia comes into the story. She finds out about the amulet, which she has worn for some time, and sets out on a journey to rescue Elena so that she may rule the Kingdom of Avalor. Sofia meets Alakazar’s grandson Mateo and he helps her free Elena.

The DVD would be worth it for the movie alone, but there is some additional content on it as well including two complete episodes from the series: “Spellbound and Finders Leapers.” “Spellbound” is the fifth episode from the series, and in it, Elena’s family is turned to stone by an evil wizard. She gets some much needed help from Mateo who is promoted to Royal Wizard. In the seventh episode from the series, “Finders Leapers,” Naomi wants to prove she belongs on the Grand Council, and she gets her chance, when mischievous elves from another realm called Duendes, are released and cause a great deal of havoc.

There are actually two additional full episodes on the DVD, but they are listed as Bonus Features. I’m not really sure why this was the case, as they really are full episodes. The first is called “Prince Too Charming” and in it, Elena is influenced by a very lazy prince from another kingdom. The second bonus episode is “Royal Retreat” where Elena works to reunite a baby Marposa (a sea creature) and its mom but King Hector, the self-appointed leader of the retreat club, does not want her to do it. Additional Bonus Features include a music video called “My Time” which has select clips from the series and a physical bonus which is called a “Flying Jaquin Mobile,” a plastic mobile that you put together.

This is a very good DVD that showcases Elena of Avalor and provides so much great background content for the series. As an added bonus, you also get some additional material about another Disney Princess, Sofia. There are actually four extra episodes on the DVD, although the packaging isn’t really clear about it as two of them are listed as Bonus Features. And to top it off, there’s a simple mobile that you can put together. The DVD retails for under $15, so it’s an inexpensive purchase for fans of the series!

Disclosure: We received a complimentary copy of this movie. All opinions are our own.

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