Review: “Tangled: Before Ever After” DVD

Disney really seems to be on a quest to release animated series’ this year on Disney Channel. When I heard that one of the series would be based on favorited animated movies, Tangled, I was of course very excited. It was a movie with great characters and music and I thought there would be so many great ways they could proceed with the storyline.

The new animated series is called, appropriately enough, Tangled: The Series. To kick off the new show, Disney released an hour long movie called Tangled: Before Ever After that takes place closely after the original. One of the really cool things about the new movie is that Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi are reprising their roles as Rapunzel and Flynn Rider (he’s now going by his real name of Eugene Fitzherbert). That was a really great touch for the new movie, as they did a great job in the original.

The role reprisals of the voice actors makes this movie feel a little more like it continues the story and is not a new production. One thing that is different is the style of animation. I was slightly surpised, because I was waiting for it to look exactly like the original movie, but that’s not to take anything away from it. I really like the characters, who all look very well done, and the many beautiful environments are pleasing. It’s a really well done production.

Like the original, Tangled: Before Ever After boasts some really good music. There are two new songs written by Alan Menken and Glenn Slater. The theme song to the new series is “Wind in My Hair” and is showcased in two separate locations in Tangled: Before Ever After. Another new number is “Life After Happily Ever After” which fits into the story nicely.

Tangled: The Series gets off to a great start thanks to this very well done DCOM that picks up pretty much where the original Tangled movie ended. Executive produced by Chris Sonnenburg (Enchanted), Tangled Before Ever After has a very good story that does a great job of reintroducing the orignal characters, some new baddies, and an important new friend Cassandra.

The DVD includes a writing or drawing journal physical bonus. Younger children in your family will likely enjoy it. There are not many bonus features, which is what I would expect for this type of release, but there are a few “short cuts” on the DVD: “Checkmate” is a short about a chess game; “Prison Bake” is centered on Attila and a mission to get his buddies out of jail; “Make me Smile” is Rapunzel’s quest to make someone smile and “Hare Peace” where Rapunzel “bunny sits” and it doesn’t really go as planned.

Here’s a clip of the “Make Me Smile” bonus features below:

Disney has done a fantastic small screen adaption of Tangled with Tangled: Before Ever After. It’s consistent with the excellent work they have done in the past with similar series and makes the anticipation even greater for another series they are working on, Big Hero 6. The DVD is avaialble now, and as a relatively inexpensive release, it would be a great purchase for fans of Tangled and DCOMs.

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