Review: “Designated Survivor” Season 1 DVD

Disclosure: We received a complimentary copy of this DVD. All opinions are our own.

Designated Survivor has a unique premise for political dramas. While most shows in the genre tackle backstabbing and political maneuvering over the course of a season leading up to some big splash at the end, Designated Survivor jumps right into the deep end of the pool. As a viewer, you don’t really even get a chance to get your feet wet before there is a devastating explosion during the President’s State of the Union Address that decimates the Capitol. Minutes later, a HUD Secretary named Tom Kirkman, played by Mr. Sutherland, is sworn in as the new President.

I remember some of the build up and excitement surrounding Designated Survivor when it was announced. I think many fans of 24 where anticipating someone like Jack Bauer as President, but it didn’t take long to see how different the character of Tom Kirkman is. He’s really a rather bland politician — actually he’s exactly what you’d expect from someone that is forced to stay behind in a bunker just in case something terrible happens — but the series itself is anything but bland. As you can likely guess, there are a great number of struggles in trying to stabilize the government and trying to unite a nation behind an unelected President that really doesn’t have the experience for the position. Designated Survivor is another excellent ABC drama, but it’s much less soapy than its counterparts like Scandal.

Designated Survivor: The Complete First Season DVD, which is available now, is an excellent buy as it contains all the episodes from the first season and includes a couple of additional bonus features that I’m sure you’ll enjoy:

  • PRESIDENT KIRKMAN’S COMPLETE FIRST SPEECH – Experience the historic full speech given by the freshly sworn-in U.S. president following the terror attack on the U.S. Capitol.
  • DESIGNATED SURVIVOR DEBRIEF – Go behind the scenes with the filmmakers and cast to discover what it takes to bring this world to life each week, from the Capitol’s destruction and other memorable moments, to how they assure authenticity in the White House, and much more.
  • SECRET SERVICE SET TOUR – Join LaMonica Garrett (“Mike Ritter”) for an intimate tour of the White House sets, including fascinating facts about their real-world counterparts, personal tales of visiting the true White House – and which set-couch is best for a quick nap between takes.

DVD Details

Cast: Kiefer Sutherland as Tom Kirkman; Natascha McElhone as Alex Kirkman; Adan Canto as Aaron Shore; Italia Ricci as Emily Rhodes; LaMonica Garrett as Mike Ritter; Kal Penn as Seth Wright; and Maggie Q as Hannah Wells.
Creator & Executive Producer: David Guggenheim
Executive Producers: Simon Kinberg, Mark Gordon, Jon Harmon Feldman, Jeff Melvoin, Nick Pepper, Suzan Bymel, Aditya Sood and Kiefer Sutherland.

Release Date: August 29, 2017
Languages/Subtitles: English Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio/English SDH, French and Spanish Subtitles
Run Time: Approximately 924 minutes (21 episodes/5 discs) (excludes bonus)
Rating: TV14 DLV
Studio The Mark Gordon Company and ABC Studios
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1

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