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Dis411 is a PR friendly blog, which means that if you are a company looking to have your products or services showcased in front of our readers, we’d love to partner with you! We enjoy posting product reviews and/or giveaways, and our readers have come to appreciate our opinions and recommendations.

If you have a product, service or travel destination that you would like to have featured, please contact us at amy (at)

For more information about our site, including updated traffic and social media statistics, please download our Media Kit:


Parterning with Dis411 FAQ’s

Who reads Dis411? This is a great question! This is a family-friendly blog geared toward a dedicated community of tech-savvy, fashionable, travelers that are multi-tasking and of varying demographics.

Our readers’ interests include: Travel, games, toys, movies, clothing, theme parks and events in and around the US.

Partnering with Dis411: We love having the opportunity to review new products and offer giveaways for our readers. It’s a great partnership and provides the opportunity to generate traffic back to your website with readers that are already interested what you are offering.

Events: We can attend events in the US, and after which, we will share our experience with our readers through blog posts, pictures, videos and social media that highlight your product, service, and website.

When will you let me know if my item will be reviewed? Once we receive your email, we will do our best to respond to you within 72 hours and provide you with an address where you can send samples.

How long will it be, once you receive the product, before it is highlighted? We try our best to review products in a timely manner. Typically, we post reviews approximately two weeks after receipt of your sample. Reviews may be posted sooner if a date becomes available.

Will you tell me when the review is posted? We will inform you when the review of your item(s) is posted and will send you the link to the post.

Can we request a positive review? We promise honest feedback, and as such, your submission is not automatically guaranteed a super-positive review. If we feel that your product does not meet quality standards, we will contact you before posting any review.

How long will our product be highlighted? We never remove reviews from our site. All reviews are also permanently accessible search able by category.

What makes you different? We actually use the products or services and promote them via this blog and our social media accounts. If appropriate, we use several types of media for the reviews as well including written, video and photos.

Will my item be returned? Unfortunately, in general, your samples will not be returned. We fully use each product to test, which makes returning it impossible. There are occasions when this can be altered depending on the product.

Advertising: Dis411 is now accepting ads. If you are interested in discussing rates on ad space, please contact us via email.

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